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This semester, joining the class was slightly hesitating from my part. I though that it wouldn’t be such a big deal honestly, but in all honesty I’ve learned a lot! It taught me things that I didn’t know in depth before, it showed me new resources and safer ways to browse the web. It is truly an experience considering this generation is all about the internet and the evolution of technology. It is always great to know more than less, for safety reasons! Thank you to this class, it has opened my eyes to internet safety and many other things correlating to the web.

In this course the things that interested me the most was firstly, learning how to create our own blog! It is such a great way to get into writing and sharing information we know that others don’t. Another thing that interested me is the capability or seeing and being able to know how much google, or the inter websites in general knows about us. It was scary the amount of information it has on us but extremely interesting how it works.

The two things that seemed important to learn, at least to me was firstly to learn how to stay safe from the internet. So much dangerous activities goes on everyday on the internet and it is always necessary to know at least the basics of staying safe while browsing the web. Another thing that seemed important was learning about all the safe resources that protect you from the web.

I would not change anything about this class. It was extremely interesting overall. Thank you for a great class!

Diigo works wonders!

There are so many ways of saving your favorite websites or links that you might need later on. Theres just the simple bookmarking in your usual browser. There are different applications that one can prefer but Diigo is so organized! You can create different groups and its an easy way to find the website you want to look for after.

Diigo is used to create groups to share favorites. It is a personal information management system based on the “cloud” concept, which includes web bookmarks, post-it notepad, archive of images and documents, as well as a selection of featured texts. The name itself is an acronym that is derived from the English “Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other stuff”.

What will Diigo help me with? It will help you to manage your knowledge, to be able to work on your own websites comfortably, to have your content on all devices that have internet access, to be able to easily share information. It will help you to get the group in which you participate to know the news of the content that you are finding in a simple way.

Here is where I have listed all my bookmarks, whether it be my investigation links or my own Interests!

Make sure to check Diigo out! You wont reget it.


Technology is a very general term, which means that it does not have an exact “birth” date. It may be that you are wondering, What is technology? What is modern technology? What are applications? What applications help us access this modern technology? I will be answering these questions through this blog.

What is technology? When people talk about technology, the first thing that pops into their head is computers, robots, headphones, etc. Actually, that is known as modern technology, which I’ll be talking about later. As I mentioned earlier, technology is a topic with various branches. In general terms, it’s the knowledge acquired from techniques to achieve a goal.

In this next image, we can see how technology has evolved when it comes to communication between people.

Image posted by Martyna Dela Cruz in

What is Modern Technology? As we know, the word modern is known as what we experience in the present. Technology are developed techniques, in short words. With these brief definitions, Modern Technology is the kind of technology that we use in the present.

What are applications? These are programs designed for the user to solve specific problems.

Here in the Caribbean are experts that I personally know and others are known around the area by professionals, like:

  1. Carlos Berrios, Protection Services Program Manager – Microsoft
  2. Ines Ibarra, Programmer II – MMM Holdings LLC
  3. Bezabeth Rosado, Senior Programmer – MMM
  4. Lorraine Figueroa, System Analyst – MMM
  5. Alfonso Berrios, IT Process Engineering Proyect Management Consultant

To finish off, we have a video from Crash Course that explains technology:


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Quarantine and its positive sides.

As we all know, of course, almost the entire world is under a lockdown and quarantine due to the extremely dangerous virus, COVID-19. It has been a scary thing for everyone and quite frankly as much as we all like to stay home, it’s pretty tiring to be stuck in our own homes doing little to nothing. But have we all though about the positive things that have come from quarantine? Here’s a few of those :

  1. Saving money! One can of course maybe order online or order food if they were craving from their favorite restaurant, but being in quarantine, having everything you need at home it’ll make you spend less.
  2. This is good for our planet. Pollution has been reduced in some areas, no taking planes and little to no tourism.
  3. Quality time with Family. We all know that because of work and school and so many daily tasks we don’t really have time to spend time with our family and now we’re all basically stuck in our homes with our family’s so you get to spend time with them!
  4. Organization. We all know we tend to declutter and want to do something new to our rooms when we’re feeling bored and have nothing to do, so this is a great time to do these things, organize your surroundings and even maybe decorate it how you always wanted to!
  5. Focus on yourself. This is the time where you can just focus on yourself, do the things you want to do for your own good when you didn’t have the time before. Take care of yourself, your body and your health.

These were some of the positive things during this hard time under quarantine! Theres much more, but it’s always to look on the bright side! Remember, stay safe and make sure to stay healthy!

Are you truly safe?

Google wants you to believe that it is like a big brother that always takes care of you. Answer your questions, help you, make you feel comfortable. And when you’re comfortable, you share, right? But how much do you really know? How much can you trust his judgment on what is best for you? And how much does Google know about you? Both Facebook and Google store a large amount of information about their users and this can also be downloaded to the computer. All this information comes from the use made of dozens of services that are from this company.

It is very interesting as to how smart the system is but it can be incredibly spooky. I have heard around from many people that google listens to you. And i myself thought ‘That’s crazy!’. But, there was a time where i began to believe such thing. I was once browsing around and i was speaking to my best friend about me needing a clear purse for a concert. Not long after, i go onto facebook and there was an ad for a sale on a clear purse in a certain website. It really caught me off guard but it made me believe these crazy things people spoke about. Not only that but it automatically want’s me to change my language from english to spanish, of course knowing my whereabouts.

As much as google is such a useful thing and many of us utilize nowadays, it can be very dangerous when it comes to hackers and such, they can easily get your location, all your information that was stored by google, etc. It is always best to use different types of browsers, search engines and all the protective applications that help with that.

Something that comes into topic even though its not the most serious case in this privacy matter, it is about online videos. I have been watching youtube since the very beginning, and one thing that everyone knows is that when you delete a video, it’s gone, right? Wrong. This youtube that recently was hacked, her videos were deleted by the hacker but she knew that the system and people who worked for youtube and google could help her get them back. But they were insisting that they cannot. That was a lie. This man came into play explaining how he got all of the videos he had posted over years ago, he recovered them with google. In this case, what everyone says, once on the internet always on the internet is very much true.

Something interesting that I did not know was how facebook kept information on you even if you’re not a user or if you have deleted it prior and stopped using. It’s always good to know this information, so go ahead and read EL PAIS’s post!

Staying on the track of facebook, Brian X. Chen expressed just how surprised he was by finding out just how much information Facebook had from him. Information that he himself didn’t want to even know they would’ve ever had!

Well it’s always better safe than sorry right? Make sure to use the correct platforms and engines when browsing the web. Stay safe and happy browsing.

The Cultural Differences between Korea and America.

Many people have a lot to say about how foreigners act around them. Today I’m going to talk about the Korean culture differences since hearing people criticize them. Koreans and asians in general are very reserved and are not very used to a lot of the things that we are used to. I want to touch every subject around every asian culture but today I will start with Koreans.

To start things off, communication. In America it is quite normal to begin a conversation whether it be with acquaintances or even strangers. It can be a long conversation or just small talk and it is not strange whatsoever. But when it comes to Korea, a lot of foreigners complain about Koreans staring rudely or not answer to them if they attempt to make small talk. This is because small talk is not a thing in Korea. It is very rare for strangers to initiate conversations, and find it rather uncomfortable when strangers begin small talk. It’s not meant to be rude, they are just not used to it at all. In this area also comes in the different dialects. Americans usually speak the same way to everyone, maybe change their tones depending on the person or age, specifically superiority. In Korea there is different dialects for everything. There is a dialect that needs to be used by elders to the youth, kids and teens to adults, etc. Apart from the dialects there is also two ways of speaking, the formal and informal. The formal is used for again, elders, parents, or superior people. Whereas the informal is more with friends or family. It is crucial to follow the dialects and this is to respect elders, adults and superiority.

Moving onto the appearance. Americans tend to be more open to these types of things, they can wear anything that they like, transform theirselves and they are not strict on showing skin. Koreans tend to focus a lot on beauty and appearance, it is very important to them, therefore they focus a lot on that. They tend to wear very modest clothing. showing little skin and if they do decide to wear shorts per say, they wear protective longer shorts under so they don’t show too much. As for makeup, Koreans typically are very light handed with it, they want to look naturally beautiful. But crazy colorful makeup and exotic hair colors is not a bad thing over there, you see many heads of hairs that are every color of the rainbow, they love changing up their hair a lot I’ve noticed.

Lastly, health. In America it is known for there to be any type of food, from healthy to the greasiest. There are plenty of jun foods in America where as in Korea there’s not much of their own. Of Course they get imported food from America but what’s their own is usually very healthy. Koreans tend to have very low fat foods, even if the food looks fattening and greasy it’s really not bad for you. Most of their foods come in very large quantities, because even if their weight and appearance are key, it is very important for them to eat well. Elders typically serve younger people plenty of food so they eat a lot and well. There is also ways of being respectful while drinking. For example, if there is an adult or elder driving with a younger person, the younger one has to cover the shot glass and turn to the side when taking it. There are so much more information out there on Korean culture and manners but this is just very briefly informed.

I hope that this helps understand to those who don’t know much, and are taken aback by their actions but it’s just their culture. They have a different way of manners and living whereas we have a very different way as well!

History behind the usage of Hijabs.

We all know about Hijabs, but we always ask ourselves. Why? Why do women wear them, is it because of the strict religion or other reasons? Let me clear that up for you.

While the Hijab is used for religious reasons, it is not how it started. The hijab was used by the women in the kingdoms, royals. But, Long before it was a big issue that many women would be raped by men. They could be walking down the streets minding their own business, going home to their family, doing their usual routine and it was a recurring case that women would end up being raped. Due to this happening so many times, they decided to instead of the just royals wearing it, every woman should so it would control the mens sexual desires.

There are different type of hijabs out there, I will briefly explain those and the different uses for each of them.

Niqab: it covers the entire body, leaving only an opening for the eyes. This is used either for religious believes or husbands do not want other men to see their wife.

Chador: It covers the entire body, leaving the face visible. This is more rather tradition for Persians and Iranians.

Burqa: it is a full body veil that has mesh for the eyes where no one can see through the mesh, only the person wearing it. While many believe women are forced to wear the burqas, they are not, it is their own choice.

There is a lot of history behind the different headscarves that are used by the different cultures and countries, but this is just a brief explanation for those who had the slightest of doubts!

“I wear this scarf because when I was a child I was socialized to be embarrassed, even ashamed, of my religion and my culture. I was told that to be a Muslim was to be a terrorist and that to be outwardly Muslim was to endorse violence and oppression … I understood that I would be unwelcome as long as I wore symbols of my heritage and chose to, in however modern a way, embrace my ancestors.” -Columbia College student Toqa Badran

About me!

I am Nanette Henry and I am 19 years old. Some things about myself is that I am quiet but i tend to be outgoing once I am comfortable. I am studying Natural sciences to then pursue in medicine and pediatrics. But one of my biggest dreams is to explore the world and help others everywhere else. I love animals and everything that is arts. Me being such a curious person I want to discover new things and see new things of the world. This is my page and I hope you like it!

The Web & I

The web is such a necessary thing nowadays. When it had started it was something so simple, majorly used for businesses and work. Now, with the advances in technology it is a whole other world. It contains so much information from everything you need, you can even communicate with people all around the world and you can even make money from the web. It was a lot of up’s and down’s though, it’s now mainly used for social networking that sadly have affected society in mostly bad ways. Many kids and teenagers to even adults are developing mental health issues because of it, it gives unrealistic expectations and makes them want to be someone who they are not or even try things that they should not do. It’s sad because something that could do so great in the world, more than it has, it is doing so much damage in people. But of course it is something we depend on most of the times and live by, so putting the social networking situations aside, it is wonders for research and it facilitates school and studies. Not does it only help with school, but you can learn by yourself from the internet. I myself have gotten to learn most of the things I master from the internet, so many resources that can help you learn, whether it be sports, art or even languages. I only hope that people begin to see the good aspect of it rather than focus on the social side of it where it can be a very toxic environment.

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