Are you truly safe?

Google wants you to believe that it is like a big brother that always takes care of you. Answer your questions, help you, make you feel comfortable. And when you’re comfortable, you share, right? But how much do you really know? How much can you trust his judgment on what is best for you? And how much does Google know about you? Both Facebook and Google store a large amount of information about their users and this can also be downloaded to the computer. All this information comes from the use made of dozens of services that are from this company.

It is very interesting as to how smart the system is but it can be incredibly spooky. I have heard around from many people that google listens to you. And i myself thought ‘That’s crazy!’. But, there was a time where i began to believe such thing. I was once browsing around and i was speaking to my best friend about me needing a clear purse for a concert. Not long after, i go onto facebook and there was an ad for a sale on a clear purse in a certain website. It really caught me off guard but it made me believe these crazy things people spoke about. Not only that but it automatically want’s me to change my language from english to spanish, of course knowing my whereabouts.

As much as google is such a useful thing and many of us utilize nowadays, it can be very dangerous when it comes to hackers and such, they can easily get your location, all your information that was stored by google, etc. It is always best to use different types of browsers, search engines and all the protective applications that help with that.

Something that comes into topic even though its not the most serious case in this privacy matter, it is about online videos. I have been watching youtube since the very beginning, and one thing that everyone knows is that when you delete a video, it’s gone, right? Wrong. This youtube that recently was hacked, her videos were deleted by the hacker but she knew that the system and people who worked for youtube and google could help her get them back. But they were insisting that they cannot. That was a lie. This man came into play explaining how he got all of the videos he had posted over years ago, he recovered them with google. In this case, what everyone says, once on the internet always on the internet is very much true.

Something interesting that I did not know was how facebook kept information on you even if you’re not a user or if you have deleted it prior and stopped using. It’s always good to know this information, so go ahead and read EL PAIS’s post!

Staying on the track of facebook, Brian X. Chen expressed just how surprised he was by finding out just how much information Facebook had from him. Information that he himself didn’t want to even know they would’ve ever had!

Well it’s always better safe than sorry right? Make sure to use the correct platforms and engines when browsing the web. Stay safe and happy browsing.

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